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Thank you to our Partners!

Grainharvest Breadhouse One of the best bakeries in Waterloo in operation since 1989 with its art in preservative free European baking, free of added junk. Our gourmet sandwiches are made using their fresh and rustic breads

J & D Peters (Wraps) Preservative free wraps. A farmers market product

Noor Market (Halal Meat)Our supplier for their fresh cut halal meats

Phlippen Smoked Sauce Kris Phippen, the man behind the creation of this locally made smoked sauce smokes every onion and clove of garlic by hand in cast iron pans using local fresh ingredients. The tones or smokey, hot, sweet and tangy make our Phlippen beef and veggie sandwiches a real temptation!

Bajan Tyga Hot Sauce Jeff Davis creates this small batch hot sauce by hand.

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